Feb 23, 2009

Suspected fake moon landing 40 years is not bad 22% of Americans believe that a fraud

Believe that the moon landing in 1969 is purely American lie of the ratio from 6% of 1979 soared to more than 22 percent now. Show at least 60 million Americans have a "moon landing conspiracy theory" believers, think someone landing on the moon pictures are in the Nevada desert filming the military restricted area. 

 The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will be in July this year to commemorate the Apollo 11 manned lunar landing spacecraft 40th anniversary, a purely lunar landing hoax about the conspiracy theory is also more and more rife and rampant. 1979 has only 6% of Americans believe that the Apollo 11 lunar landing forgery, 20 years later increased to 11 percent, a more recent survey found that more than 22% increase. 

 July 1969 Apollo 11 spacecraft to use than a modern cell phone also "original" navigation technology, carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong (Neil Armstrong) and (Buzz Aldrin) first landed on the moon. 

 Since 1979, however, began to spread all over the world "conspiracy theory" ︰ purely Apollo 11 lunar landing hoax, NASA lunar landing provided by the lens back in a few months ago on the film in advance Well, lunar images are in Nevada desert state closed military zone "51 Zone" (Area 51) shooting. 

 A conspiracy theorist to believe that the United States because of this super-concocted fraud, from the following motives and realities: 

 1. American wanted in the space race to beat the former Soviet Union. President Kennedy was assassinated 10 years ago boasted the Moon, difficult to recover the team of four horses. NASA at the time the national budget was 40 billion yuan, it is imperative that the people trust the money is not wasted. And look all over the world in only succeed and not to fail. 

 2.1969 in the summer, the former Soviet Union only one month is necessary to launch its own manned lunar landing spacecraft. At that time, the United States Government is plunged into the Vietnam morass, fake moon landing hoax transferable American's attention. 

 3. 1969 lunar science and technology is very original, is simply not possible for the success of manned lunar landing, can only "fake." Apollo 11 spacecraft computer even today's personal computers are not such as, when the satellite positioning skills are now used to find a way not qualify, but still able to find much in the 250,000 miles only a few square yards of a quiet sea? Even if President Bush announced its intention to return to the moon, NASA said that a further 11 years to do so. 

 Let NASA is deeply embarrassing, and even have been involved in the design of the Apollo spacecraft, former‧ Engineer Bill (Bill Kaysing) and a former NASA Astronaut Brian ‧(Brian OLeary), do not believe the American board on the moon. the Apollo program was a consultant, and even have doubts about him was shocking. 

 said that he was the most do not understand is why the moon landing vehicle quietly, totally can not hear the engine sound? Could it be the only movie studio props, a few wires were slowly "landing"? With his understanding of science and technology at that time, he did not consider the possibility of landing on the moon. Even if the land on the moon successfully, the chances to come back alive, only 0.0017%, equivalent to dead. 

 In addition to NASA's fake moon landing conspiracy theory, there are more incredible claims: Armstrong is "the first person to land on the moon," he and two other astronauts did the success of the moon in 1969. But then technology simply can not put their safety back to earth, so the United States in order to honor their sacrifice on the moon, the safe return of the Earth are the U.S. government long ago found the secret of the "counterfeit substitute." 

 Photo Kai suspicious person 

 NASA for "false believers" (Hoax Believers, HB) laughed, but released in 1969 on the 10,000 in 1972 to land on the moon mission photos. HB Meng hunt for bugs in the photographs, especially some of the most attractive light suspicion. 

 HB pointed out that the photo shows towards the lens, can be seen from the shadow of the sun to turn their backs on him. However, it was surprising that his predecessor had bright white, even the space filled with brightly colored American flag are obviously for someone in front of him lighting. 

 HB also queried, why step on the moon astronauts will leave behind sand footprint, weighs 10 tons of lunar vehicles leave any traces? Even when the moon vehicles circled the ground slowly decline, the jet did not actually open any of blowing sand? 

 When Armstrong and HB look plug on the Moon when the flag on the ground, one can not help in an uproar: the national flag there is not even a shadow! They further found that astronauts, lunar landing vehicle and the shadow of the rock has , some east, some west. This is only one possibility: have a number of lighting around the scene. 

 Scientists dispel doubts 

 NASA scientists are ridiculous for these queries. They reminded the HB, the moon is not the Earth, scientific principles can not be fully applicable, in particular, are light. Not because of the moon's atmosphere, the light can not be extended, but it has great space refraction, so it seems very strange. 

 NASA said that because of bright sunlight on the moon in particular, refraction space also wide and therefore Astronaut cameras and the naked eye could not see the stars, photos show the dark sky. 

 Scientists pointed out that the moon did not air. In a vacuum state, the 3000 pounds of sand on the jet and land on the moon car wheels indifferent. Instead, one person trampled boots, footprints appear immediately. 

 As to why the shadow of the direction of different flickering? NASA said that this was because the three-dimensional image to twice the space will create a perspective distortion. Together with the surface of the moon will light refraction Department has always been to go back, resulting in no shadow of the Stars and Stripes. 

 Two years ago, a television reporter asked 78-year-old face-to-face, it is necessary to take the Bible, swear him landing on the moon is not false. Journalist anger hit punched nose, almost legal action. HB think this is false as evidenced by landing on the moon, after all, a 40-year secrecy too much pressure. 

 HB said that the greatest evidence of false claims that are human landing on the moon, the moon every night for over 30 years even though the sky is no longer pegged to touch the moon. So one would naturally say that the progress of science and technology more and more, and then land on the moon should be easy.

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